HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
Released Screech Owls 2014

In 2013, we received 11 screech owls, of those 9 were assumed
abandoned. However, they were actually "kidnapped" from their
parents. At HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, we focus on educating
the public to, "Watch before taking baby birds" so no birds are
taken from their parents.

These screech owls were released on March 7, 2014 after 2 to 3
months of rehabilitation. They were all raised on a diet of mice
and meal worms. They were placed in a 24 foot release cage,
big enough so they could live prey test to ensure their survival.
This works takes approximately 4 hours every day just for these
11 birds.
Great Horned Owl Released !

A call was received by a Rehabilitator in the Tampa area, who
needed a surrogate Great Horned Owl for a two month old
youngster. He was transferred and put in a flight cage with an
older Great Horned Owl to model his behavior of the older adult
Owl. After four months of care and successfully completing live
prey testing, he was released back into his home territory in St.
Petersburg, Fl.
Momma Barred and fostered babies...

Momma Barred owl came in after being hit by a vehicle. She
had central vision blindness from the trauma. Fortunately this
resolved in a few weeks. She was ready for live prey testing
when two baby Barred owls arrived after their mom was hit and
killed by a car. They are being raised by Momma until they are
old enough to go through live prey testing with momma, and be
Released Kestrel

The young male kestrel was hit by a car and broke his right
wing. Through the help of Dr. Green, she was able to pin the
break in the wing and it healed. However, the wing was a little
shorter and he was unable to fly strongly.... Or so we thought!
After several months in a smaller flight cage he was able to fly
and fully recovered.