HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
Online Volunteer Intake Form
Fill out the following information and submit it on-line. If you have any
information, please contact Heather via email for further instructions.
Volunteer Intake Information
Volunteer name:
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File Number Instructions: The first box will be your initials and the date. For example Jan. 1, 2011
admissions for me will be HT1/1/2011.
After the dash you will need to place the number of the animal in order of admission for that day. For
instance, three babies admitted, baby number one will be HT1/1/2011-01. The second baby will be
HT1/1/2011-02, and the last two numbers after the dash will continue to increase to account for the number
of animals admitted that day but will start over on the next day.
Please use a new intake form for every animal.
Any questions, please call Heather.
File Number :
Band #
Date Presented:
Name of Finder:
Number of animals from this Finder:
Location Found:
Age/Sex/Weight of animal
Cause of Admission
Physical Exam:
State of hydration:
Gross Observation:
Respiration: Multiple  
Selections  Possible
Mouth and Nose:
Multiple  Selections  
Reactive to light
Rashes, bites, etc.
Musculoskeletal/Nervous Systems:
Fractures, Bobble Head, Paralysis,
Comments and
Initial Treatment:
Disposition Date: