HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
Simone was turned over to us
with a spinal injury; she was
paralyzed from the hips down.
She lived a full and happy life
until complications from her
injuries took her from us after 9
months. We will miss our little
angel that taught us so much
about the spirit of an animal
that would not give up. The
spirit of an animal that taught
us how love can conquer so
Rocky was found 7/15/2010, with his
sister, but due to traumatic injuries she
did not make it. Rocky was successfully
The Sunair Gang
These babies were found
and rescued by a very kind
employee of
in Ocala, Fl.
Instead of leaving them near
a busy road, she took the
time to help these babies. I
would like to thank a
wonderful teacher in Marion
County, Dave Norman, who
went out of his way to keep
these siblings together.
Thank you everyone who took
the time to help these babies.
They were released during
the early spring of 2010.
To the left: Annie, top right: Riley, and
bottom right: Tete.
Einstein was found by Janet, in Ocala, Fl. He was
found in the mouth of a dog, gently playing with
him but suffers no injuries. He was successfully
released during the Fall of 2010.
We have had a busy baby squirrel
season with over 40-50 baby
squirrels, with only a few volunteers.
Please consider donating at pay pal
for the help with the food for these
growing babies.
They eat a lot of
fresh veggies and fruits with rodent
block food.
The Rescue Updates!
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Babies of 2010
LUCKY, The Feral Baby Boar!

After being contacted by a citizen,
(Thank you to Marion County Sheriff
Dept for providing our information),
we found our little feral boar, Lucky,
12 weeks old, under his dead
mothers arms. She was hit and
killed by a vehicle, she was part
potbellied pig. Poor Lucky had been
slightly injured when his mother
was hit by a car but about a week
before had been brutally attacked by
another feral Boar. When we found
him, he had gangrene already and
was saturated with maggots. He
clung to life for the first few days but
surprised us by making a full
recovery. He lost an ear and will
always need special care. He has
been placed with a loving forever
home with Kim Burnette!
Lucky's new home with The Burnettes! The left is his stall and the right is the
outside view of his new home!
Lucky a month before leaving.
The day Lucky came to us....
Sometimes we get in unusual
request, these wild rats were
transferred from another
Rehabilitator. However due to their
friendliness cannot be released but
will be placed in forever homes.